Limber/Ammunition Box


_____ The accessory equipment is in good condition-- Gunners haversack, Tube pouches,                           

.                           Thumbstall, Priming wire, Vent brush, Gloves, Gimlet, Pliers, etc                                


_____Limber boxes, haversacks, and pouches, etc., are clean and free of spilled powder. *


_____Ammunition is properly prepared, with enough on hand for demonstration. **


_____The equipment is on hand to handle a misfire.


_____Required number of personnel is present to safely tend the box & ammunition.


_____The limber/box is situated safely in relation to the visitors. 


_____The carriage is secure and solid from movement



_____The ammunition boxes are at a safe distance from the piece/s, at correct intervals, as well as from the                                         spectators.


_____Conditions are not so dry as to risk a range fire from the muzzle blast. Equipment is available should                                                one develop.


_____There is a first aid kit and emergency communications available.


_____There are no open fires nearby--campfires, etc.


_____All Primers are properly stored in fire retardant cases & in proper storage area.




* Storage tubes may be used to help prevent spilled powder in limber boxes. The use of these tubes shall 

    never be required; if loads are well made and box is clean and free of powder.


** Blank loads of  3 oz. per inch are a recommended starting point only! Bores smaller than 2.5 will use less and bores   larger than 3.75 may require more than 3 oz. per inch. Large guns often require more powder to make a longer round that will not butterfly down the bore.

 The rule of 3 oz. per inch as a max is for some live-fire applications and should only be used in modern guns made for live firing.


                # Vents should be .20 inches or larger and free of cracks and rough crevices. Most smooth irregularities                          

                    are acceptable, but vents should have no deep pitting or cracks.