Type g or sporting powder - Cannon, Fg & FFg are suitable for blanks. Cannon and Fg may be used to fire projectiles. The potential for extremely high pressures is too great with FFFg or FFFFg for blanks or projectiles. Use of FFg is limited and requires reduced loads.


Type A Blasting Powder - (3FA-lFA) Can be used in some cases. 2FA is similar to cannon grade powder and 1FA is much coarser. Lifting powder can also be used as cannon grade powder for making blank rounds.


Basic blank load for 1F and cannon powder is 3.oz (1312.5 gr.) per inch of bore. For most blank rounds, this is a good starting point. With bores less than 2.5 the amount should be adjusted down and for bores larger than 3.75 this may be increased to the point that rounds do not butterfly down the bore. This is for blank rounds only and many other factors need to be addressed for projectiles.



Pyrodex  -Pyrodex is limited to a few uses and should never be used for blanks. This is not a suitable powder for artillery. Do not experiment!


Type B Blasting Powder - Has very unpredictable results when used in Cannon. (Should never be used)



Note: There are 7000 gr. Per pound of powder (all types Cannon, Fg, FFg, FFFg or FFFFg) Granule size does vary, cannon having the largest and FFFFg the smallest, but all have 7000 gr. (weight) per pound.


1 ounce = 437.5  gr.

1 grain =  0.002285714 ounces

1 pound = 7000 gr.



This is information for blank rounds only ! Many other factors must be addressed for firing projectiles. Do not attempt making blank or live rounds without proper instruction and supervision.